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King of Shapes HD Is A Prince Among Games

King of Shapes HD Is A Prince Among Games

October 8, 2011
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King of Shapes HD Free (Free) by hxsmobile is an iPad-only, physics-based puzzle game with a fun edge to it. Stack shapes, remove evil blocks and create electricity with three different games and 36 levels in one. All this, and it is free.

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The first game in this app, Stacker, requires that you stack different shapes until all pieces are laid out. Once on the board, your stack must stay put for four seconds. The shapes sit on top of each other in the most precarious way, so be careful and be precise.

The second game, Remover, requires removing the evil red shapes while keeping the green ones from falling to their doom. On some levels, shapes disappear when you tap them. On others, they float away based on the direction they are facing. Neutral, or blue shapes can help by either being removed or staying put. No points are lost for either position.

The third game, Lightup, uses physics to string together a battery, a transmitter (or two) and a bulb. In this game, the odds are against you because you must line up the energy source and the transmitters so that the electricity will flow from one to another. Remove wooden boards to get the energy source moving and use blue blocks to stop their action. Timing has to be just right to keep them from falling off the edge.

Overall, this puzzle game is entertaining and challenging. There are 36 levels available with another game promised to be coming soon. It is ad supported, but they are small and unobtrusive. If you don’t have an issue with advertising banners, pick this up in the App Store for free.

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