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Oh The Embarrassment! How To Remove Photos From iCloud's Photo Stream

October 13, 2011
One of the advantages of Apple’s new Photo Stream is that whenever you take a photo using your iPhone/iPod touch or iPad 2, they are automatically pushed to iPhoto or Aperture via iCloud. Regrettably, this means embarrassing photos could show up on your computer for others to see. But, this doesn’t have to be! Thanks to this tip from AppAdvice reader Harold, you never have to face the prospect of others seeing photos you wish to keep personal. First, open iPhoto 11 or Aperture 3.2 and go into the application’s settings. Next, Click on Photo Stream. Uncheck the last two options, which automatically import and upload photos. Keep the first button checked (Enable Photo Street) so you have the option to stream if you want. [caption id="attachment_236377" align="aligncenter" width="577" caption="Uncheck The Last Two Options In iPhone Or Aperture"]Uncheck The Last Two Options In iPhone Or Aperture[/caption] Finally, if you wish to clear the cache of photos you have taken for any reason, sign into your account at Click on your name at the upper right and then select Advanced. Finally, select Reset Photo Stream. [caption id="attachment_236379" align="aligncenter" width="532" caption="Reset Photo Stream Cache"]Reset Photo Stream Cache[/caption] Finally, note you can also select which photos to share by selecting the share option at the bottom right corner on any iPhoto screen showing Events and/or individual photos. [caption id="attachment_236381" align="aligncenter" width="245" caption="Sharing Photos"]Sharing Photos[/caption] Again, we thank Harold for this great tips. As a reminder, Photo Stream uploads 30 days of photos to iCloud, during which time you must decide which photos to keep either on your Mac/PC or iDevice. The service, which is free, arrived along with iOS 5 and iCloud this week. ---- If you enjoyed this article, make sure to download the free AppAdvice app. It brings you daily updates on the world of iOS, iPhone and iPad, as well as guides and helpful how-tos, free of charge right to your iDevice – On the App Store now.

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