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Pocket BMX Hits The App Store

Pocket BMX Hits The App Store

October 14, 2011
Fresh from the developers at Fun Mob Games comes Pocket BMX. Pocket BMX is a simple 2D extreme sports rider that can be quite addictive. The main story mode is based on objectives that the "BMX Ninja" will give you. The objectives can vary and consist of different grinds or aerial tricks, occasionally throwing in spins and combos for increased difficulty. The game controls are intuitive and easy to use. You move forward or backward using a simple slide mechanic, holding left or right arrows for direction and stopping in the middle to slow down. The tricks and grinds are assigned to the A and B buttons that you can slide in different directions to vary the tricks. Currently only released for iPhone, it still looks decent on the iPad, and it isn't known if an HD version is in the works just yet. You can pick up Pocket BMX in the App Store now for just $0.99. [gallery orderby="ID"]

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