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Practice Your Cow Throwing Skills With Siegecraft

Practice Your Cow Throwing Skills With Siegecraft

October 15, 2011
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Siegecraft ($0.99) by Crescent Moon Games is a strategy game for the iPad or iPhone/iPod touch where you must use your trusty siege machines against invading armies of Vikings, knights and samurai who want to pillage your village. Hone your skills at castle defense by killing sheep and destroying bridges. As an introductory price, Siegecraft is only $0.99 for a limited time.

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This game is both simple and complex at the same time. The only thing you have to do is shoot things by using two stationary weapons, a catapult and a giant crossbow. However, each level requires your skills to defend against enemies that travel by boat, witches who raise the dead and waves of Vikings that want to steal the crown. You are given a quick tutorial where you will learn how to aim and fire your siege machines and then you are on your own.

You earn coins for killing enemies and defending your territory, which you can use to upgrade weapons or buy interesting ammunition. You can invest in a Barrel-O-Gunpowder to help create larger and more destructive explosions, or even buy a whole sheep or cow for catapulting. Yes, a cow.

All campaigns and all levels are unlocked and playable. You can also play against Game Center friends (or random strangers) in multi-player mode. Your weapon upgrades will sync across multiple devices, so if you improve your catapult on your iPhone while waiting in line at the DMV, you can use that upgraded weapon on your iPad version of the game when you get home.

On an iPhone 3GS, this game ran a bit slow. I have a feeling that the game will work better on one of Apple’s newer devices. The high definition quality and three dimensional aspect of the game is lost on anything without a Retina display.

Overall, this universal game is entertaining and amusing. There is not much to the game mechanics, other than shooting a lot of stuff, but there are some thoughtful details. There are subtle jokes throughout and more to the game than just killing guys. Upgrading weapons and using special ammunition will increase your success. All of this and it is only $0.99. Pick this game up now, the introductory price won’t last long.

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