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Match Flocks Of Bird Blocks In Birzzle Pandora HD

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Birzzle Pandora HD ($1.99) by Enfeel Inc. takes your standard matching game and turns it on its head.

Have you ever caught yourself playing a matching game, wishing that if you could only move the pieces to where they need to be? Well, this game's main feature is exactly that. And with three modes of play available, there are enough opportunities to become addicted.

Birzzle Pandora HD by Enfeel Inc. screenshot

Stacks of bird blocks need to be eliminated by matching three or more similar birds. Drag any of the birds from the top of the stacks to other like birds.

The matched birds make a cutesy chirping sound before disappearing in a cloud of shed feathers. Match four or more birds to get a power up that will help clear even more birds.

To make it even cooler, you can actually save in the middle of a game and come back to it later!

The Pandora option will post your scores on your Facebook account, so you and your friends can take turns trying to outdo each other. This mode features mystery boxes. Use a powered bird to unlock the box, which will earn you one of the letters that spell “Birzzle.” Collect all the letters to open Pandora’s Box and earn special prizes.

Ice break is another mode, though I wasn't as impressed with this one as with the classic mode. Instead of complete stacks of birds, blocks of ice will sit nestled between them. Match the birds to break the ice. While this gameplay gives a nice spin to the standard gameplay, I found the one minute time limit to be too restrictive. Even getting time bonuses did little to alleviate the frantic rush to clear the top.

This game is highly addictive. Everything from the gameplay to the great animation, music, and sound effects all add to this app’s entertainment value. I definitely recommend Birzzle for any matching game enthusiast.

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Match Flocks Of Bird Blocks In Birzzle Pandora HD

Match Flocks Of Bird Blocks In Birzzle Pandora HD