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Collage Pro Provides A Pocket Sized Scrapbooking Experience

Collage Pro Provides A Pocket Sized Scrapbooking Experience

October 2, 2011
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Collage Pro (Free) by Aleph Apps is a digital scrapbooker for the iPhone. You can use your own photos to build collages, page by page, and share them with those around you.

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You can select different backgrounds, or make a photo a background. Then add the different layers to your collage using your own photos (from the library or straight from your camera). Choose to only use images you already have, or you can purchase more photo libraries through the app to decorate your collages with.

Once you're happy with your work of art, you can choose to share your finished projects with Facebook, through email, or just save them to your camera roll.

It was pretty lame that the libraries said they were installed, yet when I clicked on them (if it didn't freeze up first), it asked if I wanted to purchase it for $0.99. I feel like the "installed" indicator is deceiving.

It allows for the purchasing of these separate libraries for $0.99, but don't do it right now. For a limited time, if you scroll to the very bottom, you can buy all of the libraries of photo art for the same price as you would purchase just one.

I think they should take out the giant list of libraries and just have one button, listing all of the categories, and selling it for $0.99 forever. Spending a dollar for each set of images is pretty steep, in my opinion. Even selling all libraries for $2.99 would get more people to purchase them, at least in my opinion.

The app crashed on me a couple of times. Luckily, this didn't happen while putting together an actual project. But keep this in mind. I know it's a free app, but I would hope these crashes would be fixed as they seem to be an ongoing issue.

I would like to see this as an iPad app, as dealing with the tiny iPhone screen is kind of a hassle when making projects like these.

Collage Pro by Aleph Apps screenshot

Collage Pro is free, but keep in mind, if you want the extras, you'll have to pay.

However, you may want to give this a try, especially since all libraries of extras are only a one time $0.99 purchase — for now. If you're interested in a mini scrapbook page maker, get it at this low price while you can.

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