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Pop Some Bubbles, Kill Some Time With Fling A Thing

Pop Some Bubbles, Kill Some Time With Fling A Thing

October 3, 2011
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Fling a Thing ($0.99) by Big Blue Bubble is a casual game that anyone can play. It is an app that is appropriate for ages 3 to 103, so children and their grandparents will both be able to enjoy this simple slingshot shooter.

To begin, just pull back "the thing" with a touch, then release and fling it at a screen full of bubbles. As soon as the screen is clear, play advances to the next level.

Fling a Thing by Big Blue Bubble screenshot

The game moves through the levels quickly, but beware, each player only has a limited number of shots per game. Once the shots are used up, it's game over. Accuracy is the main key to success.

Fling a Thing includes a number of power-ups to assist the user. Each bubble marked "+1" that the user shoots down adds another shot to their game. There are magnets, bubblegum, and eggs, all of which make the boards easier to clear.

Make sure to shoot down every yellow star in sight. Players retain the stars they earn from game to game, and they may use them to earn new creatures to fling, and new worlds in which to send them flying.

Users who prefer a head start may purchase stars in-app through the App Store. Pick up 200 for $0.99 or go wild and invest in 3,000 for $4.99.

Fling a Thing by Big Blue Bubble screenshot

Fling a Thing isn't just a game for the very young, or the very new to gaming. The app supports both Game Center and OpenFeint.

Additionally, since the game resets to level one with each loss, only skilled players can hope to keep going long enough to reach the higher levels and unlock the application's advanced modes.

To advance through Fling a Thing one must also choose to keep playing, and therein lies the app's biggest flaw. The game's UI was both colorful and distinct, yet game play quickly became repetitive and the controls often lacked precision.

Fling a Thing is not a bad way to spend a few spare minutes, but nothing more.

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