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Cute Creatures Meet Physics In Foozle

Cute Creatures Meet Physics In Foozle

October 26, 2011
Foozle™ by William Thurston icon

Foozle™ ($0.99) by William Thurston puts you in command of cute, cunning little creatures.

Foozles are fuzzy creatures that can assume the shape of either a square or a circle. The yellow ones are the good guys. You'd be wise not to let them die. The red ones, however, are no good at all (kind of like the difference between a Mogwai and a Gremlin). You'll want to get rid of them, say for example, by knocking them off a ledge.

Foozle™ by William Thurston screenshot

Each level is a puzzle filled with platforms and foozles. You can tap either the red or yellow foozles to make them move to your advantage, but ultimately you'll need to keep the yellow guys from plummeting to their demise. Losing even just one yellow foozle fails the level.

Even if you do knock all of the red guys off the platforms, a timer will count down from three until the level completely ends. This means that if your yellow foozle is perched precariously on a ledge, you'd better hope it doesn't tip before the timer ends.

The gameplay also includes little twists, such as sleepy foozles and indifferent, stone-like creatures that behave the same way as foozles. Further levels introduce exploding stone creatures and bubble creatures.

At first the levels start out pretty simple, but they get progressively challenging. A help button at the bottom for each level will give a nugget of advice amid a chunk of witticism.

There's little not to like about this game. My only complaint would be that the game's music is fun and quirky at first, but it gets old after a couple of loops. Still, not really a big deal. An HD version would be nice, now that I think about it.

Physics-based games are certainly in no short supply, but I think this game definitely carves a niche for itself. The foozles and gameplay are reminiscent of A Monster Ate My Homework, without being a knockoff.

And how can you not like the cute little foozles?

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