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Match Blocks To Vanquish Monsters In Monster Madness HD

Match Blocks To Vanquish Monsters In Monster Madness HD

October 12, 2011
Monster Madness® HD by Megatouch icon

Monster Madness® HD ($0.99) by Megatouch will have you matching different ghoulish blocks to get rid of animated versions of classic monsters.

Dracula, Frankenstein, the mummy, and others are all (re)animated to taunt you. At least you can knock that silly grin off their faces by eliminating the blocks they're standing on. Different blocks, in a wide variety of stylized skins, stack up with the monsters on top of them.

Monster Madness® HD by Megatouch screenshot

This game immediately throws you into the action without any prompting. Select Classic or Madness mode and just start matching away.

Classic mode shows an animated monster atop columns of blocks. Select any two (or more) adjacent blocks to eliminate them. Once all the blocks in the column are cleared, the monster falls off the screen. If there is no possible move, more blocks will emerge. Get rid of all of the monsters within your one-minute time limit to advance to the next level.

I only wish that the monsters interacted with you more, considering how cool they look.

Madness mode only features one monster, some sort of giant eyeball-tentacle-thing, that sets a “do not cross” line at the top of the screen. Match the blocks to eliminate them before they go over the line. This mode lives up to its name because you’ll need to match as fast as you can.

Luckily, as opposed to Classic mode, you can get rid of the blocks even as they are popping up from the ground. Winning the round scores you a shuffle bonus, which can be used to rearrange all the blocks whenever you want. It comes in really handy when the blocks come dangerously close to going over the line.

The graphics, music, and stylized monsters all combine to make this app a true winner to get you into the Halloween mood.

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