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Niggle Attempts To Answer Your Issues

Niggle Attempts To Answer Your Issues

October 7, 2011
Niggle by Hi Mum! Said Dad icon

Niggle (Free) by Hi Mum! Said Dad defines a “niggle” as something that bothers you. This app’s goal is to help you look at an issue from a different angle.

This self-help app really has to be taken at face value. Essentially, it’s just helping you to think of an answer to your question while it bombards you with new age thoughts.

Niggle by Hi Mum! Said Dad screenshot

Think of what your niggle is. The app then asks you to be mesmerized by the symbol of infinity that will appear on the screen. And this is where the app gets trippy.

First a hypnotic black and white fractal shows, followed by a star background. You get the feeling that if you stare too hard, you may become a star child. Reflection questions will appear, such as: “What can you control in the situation?” and “What happens when you accept it as it is?”

With any luck, the questions will help you think of your problem from a different perspective. Once you’ve answered the question in your mind, wiggle your iDevice (shake it) to get another one. I found the easiest way to wiggle my iPad was shaking it back and forth. Shaking from side to side wasn’t as responsive.

After you’ve finally been pelted with enough questions to ponder, select the “nailed it!” button. This will skip the rest of the questions and go to the save and share page. Answer some questions to keep a note of your nailed niggle. You’re then treated to a final meditation screen, with one more quote. If inclined, you can share the quote through Twitter or Facebook.

The whole meditation starts off promising, but just becomes annoying once it gets to the star field. A little variation would be nice, especially since reading the questions completely ruined my attempts at becoming unfocused.

Overall, this app’s name doesn’t do it any justice for what it sets to accomplish, and hangs on the border of being offensive.

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