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Terraform Alien Planets And Raise Strange New Species In Terrafarmers, Plus Win A Copy!

Terraform Alien Planets And Raise Strange New Species In Terrafarmers, Plus Win A Copy!

October 11, 2011
Terrafarmers HD by Alawar Entertainment, Inc icon

Terrafarmers HD ($2.99) by Alawar Entertainment, Inc may be yet another time management game, but a new terraforming alien-raising theme makes it feel fresh and interesting.

In Terrafarmers, you’ve been dropped into a vast cosmic wasteland. You must travel from planet to planet introducing new flora and fauna into the ecosystem, populating the planet with genetically evolved animals and collecting goods to meet goals.

Gameplay wise, Terrafarmers is very similar to Alawar’s Farm Frenzy series, where you drop food, grow animals, and harvest products from them to create more advanced goods to sell on the market. Like Farm Frenzy, this is a time-based strategy game where you must meet a specified goal in a limited amount of time.

Terrafarmers HD by Alawar Entertainment, Inc screenshot

The game starts out with an in-depth tutorial that will acclimate you to the game mechanics. Basically, you drop plants on the planet, which attract animals. Animals can be artificially evolved at the science center, and more advanced animals drop more profitable products. There’s no rhyme or reason to what an alien animal drops, with pig-like species producing honey and three-tailed cats laying eggs.

Earlier levels will have you collecting goods and selling them off in your spaceship, but later levels will introduce the customer counter, where you sell directly to customers; the oven, where you concoct new foods; and the blender, for even more advanced items. When it gets to that point, the game becomes very hectic, and reaching those time goals is a challenge.

Space pirates will constantly attack in some levels, and you must also man the cannon to shoo them away for a coin bonus. If you’re not quick enough, they’ll undo some of your hard work by stealing plants and animals.

The goal is to beat the level at the gold mark for the maximum number of DNA points, highest score, and for trophies. DNA points unlock upgrades for your terraforming equipment to make manufacturing quicker. Finishing at the gold time recommendation is a tough task, and you’ll likely need to replay levels a few times to figure out the best strategy.

Terrafarmers HD by Alawar Entertainment, Inc screenshot

There are 67 levels on 11 planets, making for a lot of content. I’ve been playing this game on and off for a week and I’m only on level 20. It’s a great value, priced at just $2.99.

As a time management game enthusiast, I recommend Terrafarmers to anyone who enjoys this genre, and especially to those of you who liked Farm Frenzy. It’s a great new spin on a classic game and will have you playing for hours. GIVEAWAY: We’ve teamed up with Alawar to offer three copies of Terrafarmers to give away to App Advice readers. To enter to win, just leave a comment on this post (with a valid email address so that we may contact the winners) by Friday, October 14 at 4 p.m. PDT. Good Luck!

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