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If You Like Word Games Like Boggle, Give Word Ball A Try

If You Like Word Games Like Boggle, Give Word Ball A Try

October 9, 2011
Word Ball by Continuous Integration Inc. icon

Word Ball ($1.99) by Continuous Integration Inc. is similar to games like Boggle and Scramble for iOS, but with the letters in constant motion. It adds a nice twist, making it more challenging and actually pretty enjoyable.

Word Ball by Continuous Integration Inc. screenshot

There are three gameplay modes in this word game, but, to be honest, they aren't very different. Classic mode is the regular gameplay, frenzy is faster paced, and sprint mode gives you only nine letters to work with, rather than the entire alphabet.

The balls bounce around — each with a letter of the alphabet on it — and it's your goal to make as many words as you can using the letters. You are also allowed to use the same letter in one word more than once.

The letters not only bounce around, but will start to shrink — and eventually disappear — if you do use them. And the longer you last, the faster they bounce and shrink. So, you have to think fast.

You get more points by using certain letters or by making longer words. For instance, vowels are only worth one point, whereas, the letters "Q" and "Z" are worth 10 each.

Personally, I am not fond of the graphics in this game at all. Although this game isn't very pleasing visually, the music is nice (though the sound effects do get a bit irritating after a while).

The gameplay is fun for anyone who loves word games, or even as an educational tool for learning vocabulary (mostly for children).

Word Ball by Continuous Integration Inc. screenshot

Word Ball comes with Game Center and OpenFeint support for added achievement fun. It's a universal app, available in the App Store for $1.99. However, there is also a free version (also universal) that you can try before you buy.

I would suggest trying the free version first. The game is fun, but it still needs some work aesthetically and if there were some different spins on the modes, it may be more interesting and add to the replay value.

Also, the ability to challenge your friends to games through Game Center would make this app much better. But, for now, unless you're using this as an educational tool, I'd just try the free version and go from there.

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