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Zombie Tools: Everything You Need To Prepare Yourself For The Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Tools by Guns & Gardens - Survive The Zombie Apocalypse by Guns & Gardens LLC icon

Zombie Tools by Guns & Gardens - Survive The Zombie Apocalypse ($0.99) by Guns & Gardens LLC is your one stop shop for preparing yourself for a zombie apocalypse — whenever it may strike. Made by the hosts of Guns and Gardens, the zombie apocalypse training video and DIY survival team, this app is sure to come in handy.

Zombie Tools by Guns & Gardens - Survive The Zombie Apocalypse by Guns & Gardens LLC screenshot

To access all that the app has to offer, swipe the middle panel of the screen. You will find all of the tools necessary to aid you in surviving the undead.

It provides you with the basics, according to your GPS, or you can put your location in manually. It will give you a detailed weather forecast — including sunset and sunrise times, which is almost more than you get with most weather apps.

This app comes equipped with a motion detector to alert you of nearby zombies — or dogs, or humans (really anything that moves). In my experience, zombies don't typically move that quickly (unless we're talking "28 Days Later"), but it may still be useful if you're alone during the apocalypse.

Once the motion detector senses movement, the alarm will start to sound and lights will start to flash. This will probably end up signaling more zombies to your whereabouts. Who knows, a wild dog could set the alarm off and attract all of the undead in hearing range. It's like setting car alarms off in Left 4 Dead; it may seem like a harmless, funny thing to do at first, until you have a zombie horde in your face. Now, who's laughing? Not you. You're dead. Or undead. But that comes later.

So, let's try a quieter approach by using the in-app signal light. The signal light has four modes, each useful for a variety of situations. The main, standard mode is pretty much just a flashlight to aid you in dark locations. The strobe mode is clearly for when you feel like dancing with the zombies to "Thriller." There is also an emergency mode which flashes red and blue lights — hopefully the zombies will know this means to pull over (siren noises not recommended).

The last mode, which is my favorite, utilizes morse code. Don't know morse code? No problem! Not only is there a guide, but you can simply type out an SMS and it will translate it for you. However, if the person you're signaling doesn't know morse code, and doesn't have the handy morse code guide on their person, you're pretty screwed. Especially if your message is, "Help me! I'm being eaten alive!"

Along with these tools, the app includes a very convenient, and detailed, survival journal. The journal outlines useful information like how to stitch up wounds — diagrams included — and how to boil water to ready it for drinking.

And don't forget to check out the video uplink. You can watch the Guns and Gardens YouTube videos right on your iDevice.

Zombie Tools by Guns & Gardens - Survive The Zombie Apocalypse by Guns & Gardens LLC screenshot

The sounds are very interactive and the design is perfect for a zombie apocalypse survival tool. The only issue I had with this app was when scrolling through the paragraphs of alerts, the scrolling was not very fluid. It felt slow and buggy.

Zombie Tools by Guns and Gardens is available in the App Store as a universal app for only $0.99.

If only I could keep my iDevice charged during the apocalypse; I'd always be prepared with this app.

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