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Quirky App Of The Day: Binarize-Binary Converter

Quirky App Of The Day: Binarize-Binary Converter

October 9, 2011
Those who are familiar with computers are aware of the code known as binary. Those of us who are not so familiar with computers are aware of a magical language in which numbers move with enchantments to complete the wills and whims of users. I'm in the latter group. Computers are a fantastic box that either bends to my will in times of beneficence, or torments me with errors and misplaced documents in times of malice. I'm not familiar with binary, so it intrigues me like dangling keys over a baby. Binarize  - Binary Converter takes the letters and numbers that you enter and converts them into binary. It can also take binary and convert it into the corresponding symbols, letters and numbers. Like I said, it's magic. Students who are working a lot with binary could probably use something like this. I would definitely not recommend using it when your homework is to memorize the binary code for certain letters, but when you need a quick reference for some letters or a word, it would be pretty handy. I think it's a quirky, entertaining app because I don't fully fathom just what my computer is capable of. It astounds me how fast and meticulous these machines can be. It also astounds me how empty, stupid and soulless they are as well. Watching simple, smarty-pants words being turned into zeros and ones amazes me. Binarize-Binary Converter is a universal app that's available on the App Store for the awesome price of FREE!  

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