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Select Apple Stores Now Selling Unlocked, Contract-Free iPhone 4S Units

So, you want an unlocked iPhone 4S? If Sprint's iPhone 4S unlocking policy seems too complicated, then you're in luck! It has been reported that select Apple Stores in the United States are already selling the unlocked, contract-free handset. After simply connecting the phone to iTunes, a popup will appear saying that the phone is unlocked and ready to sync. It's that easy.  

  Of course, there's still a catch: you can't go and use your shiny new iPhone on any network of your choice. Apple states that the unlocked iPhone works "only on supported GSM networks, such as AT&T in the U.S." While that basically leaves T-Mobile as the option of choice, some customers may find that a to be bad idea since AT&T and T-Mobile use different 3G bands - the latter leaving you with EDGE 's slower speeds.

Will you purchase the unlocked, contract-free iPhone 4S? Or, will you go with another carrier, despite the limitations?