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Slide Puzzle Gaming Has Really Grown Up, Win A Copy Of Shift It

Slide Puzzle Gaming Has Really Grown Up, Win A Copy Of Shift It

October 20, 2011
Shift It by gamegou icon

Shift It ($0.99) by gamegou is a universal game that is reminiscent of slide puzzle games, but without mixed-up images. Don’t mistake this for something simple, though. You will work hard to slide these blocks into their correct places.

Shift It by gamegou screenshot

The goal is to have blocks of matching colors all connected to each other. Sometimes this is easy to accomplish, other times it takes extra work to understand where the blocks belong. Blocks slide upward, downward or sideways in rows and columns. When you slide the blocks to certain locations, their colors will match up and the puzzle is solved. Each row or column is connected on what the developers call a “magical infinite loop.” It may not be exactly magical, but each block is looped within its row or column so colors will match up if the loop is set correctly. Some levels have colors that are divided into halves of blocks and you must decide which position is the best for connecting each color. Other levels incorporate additional colors, making it harder to match everything up.

There are three different levels of difficulty, beginner, intermediate and novice. Each level has more than 60 puzzles. Unfortunately, you can’t unlock the more difficult levels until you have solved all of the puzzles of the less difficult ones. This is tedious because after about 15 puzzles as a beginner, you feel like you are ready to move up, but you can’t.

Overall, this app is challenging and entertaining. There are so many levels to enjoy that you can keep playing for hours. There are an infinite number of ways to solve each puzzle, so the replay value is high. At only $0.99, this app is a must-have for fans of puzzle games.

AppAdvice is giving away a copy of Shift It. Comment below to enter. Contest ends Monday, October 24 at 11:59 p.m. CDT.

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