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Take A Swim With Squids, Save The Planet From Evil Ooze

Take A Swim With Squids, Save The Planet From Evil Ooze

October 12, 2011
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Squids ($0.99) by The Game Bakers is a fresh new game that combines a bit of casual gaming and a bit of roleplaying adventure know-how. This epic story covering 21 levels will make you want to put on your wetsuit and head out into the ocean to help your squid pals save the day.

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This game is being compared to Angry Birds, but I have to disagree. Yes, you fling your character at the enemy, but there is no stack of blocks to knock down, you don’t use a catapult to send your squid flying and it is a top-down adventure, as opposed to Angry Bird’s side-scrolling action. To say it is just as much fun as Angry Birds is a great comparison, but to imply that it somehow copies the same mechanics is just not true.

You are in charge of a team of squid who are out to save the ocean from terrible black ooze that is corrupting the local marine life. You must explore the ocean floor and fight off enemies while the plot unfolds before you. To move around, you tap and hold your squid. At the same time, you must drag your finger in the opposite direction that you want the squid to go. Like a rubber band, he will shoot across the screen and closer to his destination.

Each squid has its own special ability. There are healers who will fix you up with a hug, Scouts that move fast, but don’t have a whole lot of defense, shooters, which have the ability to attack from afar and troopers that pack a heavy punch and can take one just as well.

There is a list of goals that increase your points at the end of each level. For example, there is a hidden star to find, a specific number of turns to complete each level in, and a bonus for being able to make it through a level without losing a squid.

There is also a store where you can use pearls that you have collected to buy better items. You can also pay real money for extra pearls, but you collect so many of them, that this is a nice feature, but not necessary.

While it plays like a casual game, it has an overall epic adventure feel, including elements of role-play gaming. It is remarkably priced at only $0.99 and should be a definite download for every one with an iPhone or iPod touch. Pick it up in the App Store today.

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