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TIME's Steve Jobs Issue Arrives - And It Is Amazing

TIME's Steve Jobs Issue Arrives - And It Is Amazing

October 7, 2011
TIME’s “Steve Jobs Issue” is now available at newsstands and through TIME Magazine iPad app. The $4.99 issue has five sections dedicated to the late Apple co-founder, include one by Jobs’ official biographer, Walter Isaacson. Each section is truly a great read. American Icon discusses Jobs’ triumphs and setbacks through the eyes of Isaacson, who had met with the former CEO 50 times in the last few years to work on the biography. The article is a great preview to Steve Jobs, which arrives at newsstands and online October 24th. Meanwhile, The Inventor Of The Future includes rare photos of Jobs and his many inventions. These include photos of Jobs with the original Macintosh and iMac, among others. Apple’s Greatest Hits And Misses offers photos of the best and worst Apple had to offer since Jobs’ return to Apple in the 1990s. Remember the Macintosh TV? How about the Macintosh Portable? Yeah, we didn't either. Life Inside Steve’s Big Idea offers a brief look at how Apple’s inventions have changed the way each of us go about our days. Finally, TIME presents In A Private Light, offering rare photographs of Jobs, including one with his wife, Laurene, and another with John Lasseter during their days at Pixar, plus others. It’s clear TIME had this issue ready and waiting in the event of Jobs’ death, but that doesn’t make the issue any less moving. The issue truly is an amazing piece of journalism. To get the issue immediately, you can download the free TIME Magazine iPad app and then buy the issue via an in-app purchase. Or, better still, visit your local newsstand. This is probably one of those moments when having the actual magazine in your hands is best.

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