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Two Weeks In, Newsstand Is Already Very Popular

Two Weeks In, Newsstand Is Already Very Popular

October 26, 2011
One of the most advertised new features of iOS 5 is Newsstand, a folder that lets users access their favorite magazines and newspapers from one location. Now, two weeks in, we’re finding out just how popular Newsstand has become, according to Gigaom. Since Newsstand arrived on October 12, Condė Nast has reported digital subscriptions for three of its magazines, Wired, GQ, and The New Yorker, have risen 269 percent. In addition, single-issue sales have also increased over the same period of time 142 percent.
Condé Nast’s Executive Vice President of Consumer Marketing Monica Ray conveyed the publisher’s pleasure in a press release detailing the news, saying that while some of the gains admittedly might be attributable to “the attention the launch received,” the company is “very optimistic that [it] will see a consistently higher level of growth going forward than [it] did prior to [Newsstand's] introduction.”
These numbers are phenomenal, don’t you think?

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