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Who Ever Said High School Kids Are Lazy Never Met The Maker Of Blatch

Who Ever Said High School Kids Are Lazy Never Met The Maker Of Blatch

October 28, 2011
Blatch by GRL5 icon

Blatch ($0.99) by GRL5 is an interesting match game for the iPad that takes a bit more advanced thinking than your average matching game. Created by a 15-year-old with a love of technology and Apple products, this challenging puzzle with a retro design will keep you coming back for more.

Blatch by GRL5 screenshot

There are two groups of blocks that each contain a grid of 39 various-colored blocks which are lined up as three columns of 12 rows. The bottom row is a few inches below the rest of the grid. This is the working row. The object of the game is to clear the blocks from the board by matching colored blocks from each group. If there is a red block on the left side, it will disappear when selected along with a red block from the right side. The strategy lies in knowing which blocks to match when. Sometimes there are multiple choices to match. As new blocks fall, the options change. If there is no ability to match in the working row, the game ends.

The three different modes are easy, medium and hard. This game is challenging enough that even easy mode can be difficult to win. There are three colors to work with on easy, four on medium and five on hard. Being able to plan moves in advance is the only way to beat this game. It is not unlike chess, except that there is no one to play against. The end result is completely in your hands. The fact that a teenager created this app shows how much technology has influenced the world.

Overall, this seemingly simple puzzle game for the iPad is surprisingly complex and demands focused attention. It plays like a casual game, but really tests one’s ability to strategize and plan ahead. It is remarkably inexpensive at only $0.99 and worth every penny. Pick it up in the App Store today.

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