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Zinio Proving Apple's Newsstand Isn’t Only Game In Town (Video)

Zinio Proving Apple's Newsstand Isn’t Only Game In Town (Video)

October 25, 2011
Zinio, the San Francisco, California-based company known for its digital magazines, isn’t letting Apple’s Newsstand get it down. Instead, it’s adding to its list of interactive titles available for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad and increasing its advertising wow. First launched in 2000, Zinio made reading digital magazines cool long before Apple released its iDevices. Now that they have, however, Zinio is committed to staying on top of its game, despite the recent introduction of Apple’s own Newsstand. In doing so, the company long known for offering static magazines is slowly beginning to offer interactive titles as well. Recent interactive titles include National Geographic, Smithsonian, Marie Claire, and Seventeen. Many more are expected soon. In addition, Zinio is beginning to advertise its interactive titles more. As the attached video shows, it’s calling these “the living magazine reel.” Take a look:

Finally, a new update has made the Zinio app fully compliant with iOS 5. Version 2.1.2 includes:
  • Stability and performance updates for users on 2.1 & 2.1.1
  • Updated FAQs in Settings
  • Note: To preserve your downloaded magazines, please connect your iOS device to your computer and backup your Zinio app in iTunes prior to upgrading to v2.1.2
AppAdvice has strongly recommended Zinio for a while now. In fact, we recently said it should be one of the first ten apps to put on your iDevice. The free and universal Zinio magazine reader app is available in the App Store.

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