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Apple Releases New iPad 2 TV Ad

Apple Releases New iPad 2 TV Ad

November 22, 2011
On its YouTube page, Apple has released a new television ad, entitled "Love." As in other Apple ads, such as "Learn" and "Now," a golden-voiced narrator speaks over selected scenes of an iPad 2 being used in various scenes from life. Among other things, this ad displays love through a basketball coach drawing plays for his team, an artist finding inspiration from nature, and a young boy experiencing dinosaurs from within the safe confines of his tent. As stated by the narrator:
For some, it's a lifelong passion. For others, it's something discovered yesterday. We all have things that speak to us. They drive us to get up early and stay up late. Getting lost in the things we love has never felt quite like this.
So how do you feel about the new ad? Do you love it? Please feel free to share your thoughts below.

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