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Apple's Genius Bar Getting An Significant Makeover

Apple's Genius Bar Getting An Significant Makeover

November 14, 2011
Apple will soon change the way its Genius Bar staff help troubleshoot problems. Instead of using MacBook Pros, Apple’s experts will instead be assisting customers armed with an iPad according to 9 To 5 Mac. According to the report:
Apple replacing the stationary MacBook Pros with iPads for Genius Bar functions is a major move that will not only make the Genius’ job easier, but provide a much better experience for Apple’s customers that are looking for repairs and/or help from the Genius Bar. The MacBook Pros are stationary so they cannot be moved from the Genius Bar. The iPads are portable, so the tablets can allow Geniuses to essentially help customers anywhere in the store. This would open up space at the Genius Bar and allow repairs to be facilitated much more quickly.
To do this, Apple is said to be readying a system called MobileGenius, which runs an iOS diagnostic service. However, a future upgrade will allow Genius experts to also troubleshoot Macs and other non-iOS products using the iDevice. Have you seen Apple Geniuses using iPads instead of MacBook Pros? Let us know by using the comments below.

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