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Cybernarium Breaks Into The App Store, Now On Sale

Cybernarium Breaks Into The App Store, Now On Sale

November 22, 2011
Cybernarium by Smartphoneware icon

Cybernarium ($1.99) by Smartphoneware is a universal, futuristic arcade game that is like Breakout, but with much better graphics and more intricate gameplay. No offense to fans of the retro pong-style game, but this is not your parents’ Breakout. It is being offered at a 30 percent off for a limited time.

Cybernarium by Smartphoneware screenshot

The game opens with a trailer-like prompt that explains the fall of humanity to the clutches of robots and your mission to fight the machines and to take back the Earth. It is epically science fiction. The game itself consists of a fireball that is released from a moving platform or paddle, and ricochets off of the surrounding walls. As it hits one of the blocks in the center, it blows it to smithereens, which is much more impactful than just disappearing. In addition to the blocks being destroyed, there are weapons that fire back and indestructible spinning platforms that thwart the fireball’s ability to get in and wreak some havoc.

There are bonuses that drop from the blocks as they are destroyed. Bonuses like, additional points, increased life, and even a bonus that clears the entire level. Anti-bonuses also drop. Watch out for anything in red because it will take points away, destroy your health and even kill you. Players only receive the bonus when their paddle absorbs it.

There are two separate campaigns with 30 levels in each. The difference between the two is that one has a walled in arena for the fireball to bounce off of and the other is not “walled in,” basically making it nearly impossible to win, but massively fun to play.

Overall, this universal cyberpunk version of Breakout is nothing to sneeze at. The graphics are clean and high quality, the gameplay is fast and challenging, and the style is unique. Pick it up in the App Store during its introductory sale price of only $0.99

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