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Foozles Bounces Into The App Store, On Sale For A Limited Time

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Foozles ($0.99) by Kukouri is a physics-based puzzle game that will have you spinning in your seat, trying to help the fuzzy aliens reach a new galaxy in order to survive. Instead of tapping disappearing platforms, this game requires precise timing and lots of patience in order to make it through each level. The game is on sale for half price for a limited time.

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The goal is to get the foozle into a portal to another galaxy by bouncing him off of contracting and expanding planets. When the level starts, a foozle drops from the sky, positioned above a planet. When you touch and hold your iPhone/iPod touch screen, the planet will shrink (or expand, depending on the level). Time the release just right to get the foozle to bounce to the next planet, platform or whatever is needed or in the way. Timing of the contraction and expansion of the planet must be precise or the foozle will just bounce up and down in the same spot, or even worse, bounce off the screen.

There are 60 levels across five different worlds. Each world incorporates new items to either help or hinder the foozle’s ability to migrate to a new galaxy. There are spinning blades that will turn the foozle to green gas, magnets that will attract them to a different location and steam machines that propel the creature across the screen. As with the planets, timing is everything. One delayed steam puff and the foozle will be lost in space.

Although the characters are cute and fuzzy, they do not look like most other cutesy physics-based puzzle games. There is a steam punk style about the graphics, which gives it a unique edge that can’t be said for so many cartoony games out there.

Overall, this game is challenging and fun. The graphics are creative and unique. The replay value is high. Points are scored by how fast each level is completed. Regularly priced at $1.99, this game is a great deal at the sale price of only $0.99. If you still aren’t sure you want to pay for it, there is a lite version that includes about half of the levels. Pick it up today in the App Store.

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Foozles Bounces Into The App Store, On Sale For A Limited Time

Foozles Bounces Into The App Store, On Sale For A Limited Time