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On Second Thought, Perhaps The Jawbone UP Isn’t Ready For Prime Time

On Second Thought, Perhaps The Jawbone UP Isn’t Ready For Prime Time

November 21, 2011
Two weeks after receiving my Jawbone UP and one week after offering a mostly positive review on the iPhone/iPod touch accessory, comes some additional information worth passing on to our readers. Many Jawbone UP customers are reporting significant problems with their $99 accessory. In fact, Jawbone has apparently become so concerned, it has responded to customers about these problems via its UP Community board. As a review, the Jawbone UP is an all-in-one health monitor wristband that is to be worn 24/7. Used in conjunction with the free UP app for iPhone, the system tracks a user’s sleep, exercise and food intake. As detailed in our previous review, UP works as advertised even with its Version 1.0 limitations. In fact, at the time, we called it “impressive.” So, what’s the problem? Battery issues are causing a significant number of UP wristbands to stop working after one or two full charges. Unfortunately, I am experiencing the same issue. My black UP worked flawlessly until I attempted to charge it a second time. Now, all it does is blink red and orange during charging attempts. Unplugged, it does nothing. Luckily, Jawbone seems fully aware of whatever battery problem exists. In fact, the company is replacing defective wristbands no questions asked at retailers like Apple, AT&T and Target, or through the Jawbone website. According to Raul Corella, VP of Jawbone Customer Support, in a message left on the UP Community boards:
We're hearing that a limited number of users are experiencing issues with their UP band. It's paramount to us that everyone has a great experience with UP. Rest assured we will take care of all of our customers. We've been thrilled by the overwhelming response and demand for this product. As with any new product in a new category, issues may arise during the introductory phase. We're committed to understanding, addressing, and resolving all issues as soon as we can. For this reason, feedback about your experience is really important to us and will help make the product better. Please contact us immediately to share your feedback, ideas, or suggestions. You can reach us at the following: [email protected] or 1-800-JAWBONE. We stand behind our products unequivocally, are working diligently to resolve any issues, and will promptly replace any defective bands.
Personally, I’m thrilled Jawbone is being as proactive as it is on this issue. Unfortunately, as a writer that only six days ago recommended the Jawbone UP to our readers, I felt it was important to put this additional information out there. This is especially true for those readers that are considering purchasing the Jawbone UP in the future. As such, it's important to note that Sue Megrund also purchased the UP (three, in fact) and has reported no problems. For my part, I took my defective UP to AT&T, where I purchased it, and received a replacement wristband at no charge. In the meantime, let us know if you too are experiencing problems with the Jawbone UP. Leave your comments below.

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