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Keep The Halloween Spirit Alive With Bad Cats!

Keep The Halloween Spirit Alive With Bad Cats!

November 11, 2011
Bad Cats ! by iDevMobile Tec. icon

Bad Cats ! ($1.99) by iDevMobile Tec. brings some Halloween flavor to the match-three genre, if little else.

Convenient, block-shaped cats fall from the top of the screen, and you're tasked with matching up at least three of them in an effort to clear some space for the next wave. Instead of just by color, cats are matched up by their Halloween costumes. These adorable felines are dressed as everything from Frankenstein's monster to the creepy puppet from the Saw movies.

You can move the cats freely, as long as they aren't completely blocked in, by just dragging them with your finger. The ability to put almost any cat any place you want might appear to make the game a bit too easy, at first, but it definitely starts to get more challenging as the levels increase.

Bad Cats ! by iDevMobile Tec. screenshot

Joining four or more cats earns you special cats. Upon clearing these special cats you'll receive different bonuses, from clearing out single rows to obliterating half of the screen.

Eventually, some of cats will be in cages. Caged cats cannot be moved, no matter how hard you try. These roadblocks, so to speak, combined with the increase in the rate at which new cats fall, amp up the challenge quite a bit as you get to the higher levels.

Bad Cats doesn't break new ground, by any means. It also feels like it should have been a $0.99 game. That being said, however, it's very cute and fun to play. If you can't get enough of match-three action, you might want to give this one a look.

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