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Enjoy Retro Arcade Gaming Again With Bomb On Pixel City

Enjoy Retro Arcade Gaming Again With Bomb On Pixel City

November 1, 2011
Bomb on Pixel City by Gamopat Studio icon

Bomb on Pixel City ($0.99) by Gamopat Studio is a retro arcade game for the iPhone that will have you reminiscing about games like Blitz for the Commodore VIC-20.

It has stunning pixelated graphics and as you progress through the levels, the colors change, giving you some new ambiance in each level.

Bomb on Pixel City by Gamopat Studio screenshot

The goal of the game is to level the city by bombing it with your planes. Once the city is destroyed, you move on to the next level. There are even bonus levels in between in which you must destroy giant missiles. You must get direct hits on these missiles and destroy them all before the time is up to successfully get points from the bonus levels.

Some of the towers, in the later levels, will shoot their own tiny missiles at you. The only issue with this is that, not being able to control the speed of your aircraft, you cannot avoid getting hit by some of these missiles sometimes. You can die three times before you're sent back to level one again for a fresh start. So, be cautious on the levels that fight back.

Bomb on Pixel City by Gamopat Studio screenshot

Oh, and there are birds! I can't forget to give them an honorable mention. They will fly across the screen, in the sky, completely oblivious to the war going on around them. You can fly through them, but if one of your missiles hits them it's game over … for the bird. So, let's conserve the wildlife and make sure to drop our bombs on the city instead, shall we? You don't want to waste missiles, anyway — do you? You people are sick; this isn't Duck Hunt.

The game is very simplistic, but fun nonetheless. It will bring you back to the old school gaming days. Although gameplay is a bit monotonous, this retro-style game is still a joy to play.

Bomb on Pixel City is available for the iPhone in the App Store for $0.99.

What level can you make it to?

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