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Save The Sheep, Save The World In Crazy Escape

Save The Sheep, Save The World In Crazy Escape

November 7, 2011
Crazy Escape by Bulkypix icon

Crazy Escape ($0.99) by Bulkypix is yet another Bulkypix-published game with clever gameplay, fantastic cartoon-like graphics, and humorous characters.

Penguins to the rescue! In Crazy Escape, all of the poor, defenseless sheep have been captured by the hungry wolves, who are planning a lavish mutton and lamb-chop banquet. It’s up to you and your penguin allies to venture into wolf territory to save the sheep.

To rescue the sheep, you draw a road with a finger for the penguins to follow. The trick is that the road needs to connect to all of the sheep, while avoiding the wolves who are positioned nearby.

There are also stars to collect, and the ultimate goal is to use the least amount of road possible in order to earn the highest score. Using a short road will reward you with a gold trophy, while a longer road will only earn you the bronze.

Crazy Escape by Bulkypix screenshot

It’s also important to draw the road quickly, because the leader of the wolf pack will chase after the penguins’ Jeep. Figuring out the optimal route takes a try or two, but because levels are quick, replaying them is no problem.

Later levels become even more challenging, with chained sheep that require special keys to unlock. You must pick up the key and then unlock the sheep, adding a new element of direction management. There’s also mud to deal with, which will cause their vehicle to skid if you aren’t careful.

The good news is that there are plenty of hints, which will show you the best route to take. You can also move on through the levels no matter how much road you use, making this game entirely frustration free.

Crazy Escape by Bulkypix screenshot

For you competitive types, Crazy Escape offers Game Center and OpenFeint integration with leaderboards and achievements to earn. There are more than 90 levels, making this $0.99 game a great deal.

Crazy Escape is a casual game that offers different levels of gameplay for the whole family. It’s suitable for children and at the same time, offers a challenge for more serious players as well. I’ve had a lot of fun playing this game on and off over the last week, and I think any puzzle game enthusiast will have the same result.

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