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Make Sad Robot Happy By Collecting Coins And Traveling The Galaxy

Make Sad Robot Happy By Collecting Coins And Traveling The Galaxy

November 8, 2011
Sad Robot by Colorbox icon

Sad Robot (Free) by Colorbox is a simple arcade game for iOS with retro graphics and great music. Why is this robot sad? Apparently he has lost his luster over the years โ€” both literally and figuratively โ€” and is traveling through the galaxy trying to regain it.

Sad Robot by Colorbox screenshot

The graphics remind me of old arcade games and are also reminiscent of Flick Rocket for iOS. The sound effects are also very retro โ€” especially the coin collecting and explosions. They really emphasize the old school feel of the game in general.

To control the robot, you have two options. You can tilt your iDevice or tap the sides of the screen to move left and right. After trying both options, tilting definitely works better and it feels more comfortable.

Maneuver the robot through space while collecting as many coins as you can and avoiding the many obstacles that threaten your existence. You must have quick reflexes to master this game; it will definitely challenge you.

Along the way, there are also power-ups to collect. Sometimes, you'll even have mini quests to complete for experience and other goodies.

Sad Robot by Colorbox screenshot

Once you've racked up some coinage, you can spend it in the store to purchase more power-ups, new playable characters, and other items. And, of course, you can always spend real money to buy more coins to get these things via in-app purchase (IAP).

Sad Robot is a universal app and has OpenFeint and Game Center support. It's available in the App Store for free and is definitely worth trying out if you enjoy these retro arcade games.

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