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Tiny Jellyfish Is More Of A Snail, But Still Pretty Cute

Tiny Jellyfish Is More Of A Snail, But Still Pretty Cute

November 26, 2011
Tiny JellyFish by The Green icon

Tiny JellyFish (Free) by The Green is a cute action game in which you play a brave jellyfish who is navigating the dangerous sea.

The goal of the game is to make it to the end of each level while moving your jellyfish and jumping to avoid obstacles and enemies. However, you're able to skip a level if you want, so I suppose it doesn't really matter if you can actually complete one or not.

Tiny JellyFish by The Green screenshot

You have the option to control the jellyfish by tilting your device, or by using a joystick. I usually prefer the tilt controls, but the problem with tilting to move in this game is that there are platforms in mid air you sometimes have to wait on until you can jump to another. If you're using the tilt controls, you must constantly tilt your device from left to right to ensure the jellyfish stays put and doesn't fall. If you hold the device still, he will still move because the controls are so sensitive. This was very irritating, not to mention hard to do.

I also found that the controls seemed inaccurate. I would time my jumps to land on a platform and it seemed as if I floated right through the platform itself, falling to my death. Even if you land on a platform, if you fall from too far up, you die anyway. Yeah. This game is pretty frustrating, if you couldn't already tell.

On top of the frustrating controls, the speed at which this sea creature moves is stupidly slow. I want to rename him jellysnail. Maybe if they sped up the max speed the game would move along faster and be a bit more entertaining, but right now it feels like I spend most of my time waiting for the jellysnail to make it a few feet.

Tiny JellyFish by The Green screenshot

Overall, the game was mediocre. The levels were too short, which you could skip anyway, so there's no rush to beat them. There were hardly any enemies in the levels either, some levels only had one. The controls were either too hard, or didn't work well enough, and I was not too impressed with the graphics either.

Tiny Jellyfish is currently available in the App Store for free. This game has a long way to go and a lot of polishing to do. I'd steer clear of this one, for now.

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