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Roll The Bovines Back Into Their Barn With Cow Balloon

Roll The Bovines Back Into Their Barn With Cow Balloon

November 3, 2011
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Cow Balloon ($0.99) by Peggy Games is a physics-based puzzle game that uses disappearing blocks, spinning wheels and explosive bombs to wrangle the overstuffed cows back into the barn. Roll the balloon-shaped bovine to safety in this farm-themed adventure.

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The goal is to get the cow back into the barn. Take advantage of blocks that can be broken in order to help roll the cow through the obstacle course. The bombs help the cow move around. When a cow comes in contact with a bomb it is blown in one direction or another. Hopefully, the explosion will land the cow in the direction it needs to go in order to make it to the barn. There are wheels that, when dropped or exploded, will push the cow along a path and help roll it back to its home. There are three stars on each level that help with achievements. Collecting all three stars earns the most points.

There are a lot of physics-based games available so it is important to be creative in order to stand out. This one seems to be lacking in originality and uniqueness. There are no real challenges, and no new methods of achieving the goals. It appears that there is only one way to complete each level, so the replay value is mediocre. If this game were first released in 2008, it would have been great, but these days, physics-based games need something more if they want to standout.

There are some fun achievements to unlock, and 40 levels to play. The developers promise additional levels in future updates. The price is low, so you won't feel like you've wasted your money. If you love these types of games, there is no reason you won't enjoy Caw Balloon as well. It just doesn't ring my bell.

Overall, if you are not sick of the same, old trick when it comes to physics-based games, than you will probably enjoy this app. There is nothing wrong with it, other than the fact that it lacks creativity. At only $0.99, it is not the least bit overpriced. If you don't care about originality, or have not played very many physics-based games, give Cow Balloon a try.

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