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RopeBot Swings Its Way Into The App Store

RopeBot Swings Its Way Into The App Store

November 26, 2011
Do you like Cut the Rope? If so, you might also like RopeBot. It is reminiscent of the popular rope cutting game, but stands on its own as a unique and enjoyable experience. Like many successful iPhone games, the newly released RopeBot blends simple gameplay with layers of thought, depth, and challenge. The object of the game is to guide RopeBot to a gear goal, while collecting golden screws. You do this by swinging RopeBot back and forth, as you continuously shoot out and release a rope connected to a magnet. There are currently three worlds of play. The first world, consisting of 15 levels, is free, but you need to buy the additional worlds. Auto control and turbo modes are also available for purchase in the Bot Market. Aside from the auto control mode, the game gives you the option of pressing a button or swiping the screen to compel the RopeBot to blow steam out of its side, thus propelling it towards its pendulum swing. To test the game, I put it in the hands of a third grader, who kept repeating, "this is fun." I also thought the game was fun, even though I had only reached level three by the time the third grader had cleared the entire first world. Like Om Nom, RopeBot displays a certain lovable charm, such as when he slants his eyes every time he toots. It is debatable whether RopeBot is a better game than Cut The Rope, or whether it will ever achieve the same level of success. However, it would be no surprise to see this game climb quickly up the app charts. RopeBot is available in the App Store now, free of charge, but has in-app purchases to unlock additional levels and features.

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