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Siri Arrives On The iPhone 3GS - As A Proof-Of-Concept

Siri Arrives On The iPhone 3GS - As A Proof-Of-Concept

November 8, 2011
The same team which late last month successfully ported Apple's voice recognition service, Siri, to the iPhone 4 has done it again. Steve Stroughton-Smith, chpwn, and Ryan Petrich have announced they have ported Siri to the iPhone 3GS as well, according to TiPb. While this news doesn't mean Apple will be putting its voice recognition service on the iPhone 3GS anytime soon, it does suggest it is possible to do so. According to the report, while the iPhone 3GS port “doesn’t work as well as the iPhone 4 Siri port, mind you, but that’s easily overshadowed by the sheer coolness factor." Take a look:

On November 1, chpwn stated that copyright laws are preventing he and Smith from releasing their Siri iPhone 4 port to anyone. Obviously, we should assume this declaration extends also to the iPhone 3GS. We at AppAdvice are pretty confident Apple will extend Siri’s reach beyond the iPhone 4S at some point. For one, the service will almost certainly arrive with the iPad 3 next spring and with other future devices as well. Whether the company will offer the service on legacy iDevices such as the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS remains to be seen. Until then, we're left with videos such as the one presented here. We'll keep you updated.

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