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Black Friday On The App Store: The Numbers

Black Friday On The App Store: The Numbers

November 29, 2011
Many of us raced out to our favorite big box stores and shopping malls last Friday to score some of the best prices of the year. Stores and malls are not the only ones that benefited from the Black Friday bargains. The App Store also had a great run with many low cost or free apps. If you were wondering how big the event really was, the folks at AppsFire ran the numbers, and compiled some great stats about this years' Black Friday on the App Store. Here are their highlights:
  • During Black Friday and over the weekend, 1,415 apps had a price drop or changed to free. This represents a total price drop of $5,425.
  • About 38 percent of the above apps have gone free.
  • On Nov.11, 2011, there were more app deals available; 1,509 of them, however the overall savings was only $3,900.
  • There are constantly deals to be found in the App Store, and they vary from day to day. However, on Black Friday, the rate of app bargains doubled.
For more details and the full activity chart, make sure to check AppFire's post.

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