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Unlock New Tile Layouts In, So Chic Mahjong

Unlock New Tile Layouts In, So Chic Mahjong

November 24, 2011
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So Chic Mahjong (Free) by Sunday Coders is a fancy new universal Mahjong title in the App Store. Using classy graphics and elegant music, this free game will give you something to do while waiting for the turkey to roast this Thanksgiving weekend.

So Chic Mahjong by Sunday Coders screenshot

There are 60 different tile layouts. Each layout must be unlocked. This aspect makes the relaxing, solitaire-style game more of a challenge. Plus, the best time played for each layout is displayed at the bottom left of the screen along with your current time, giving the game a sense of urgency.

One very frustrating aspect to this game is that there are additional tile graphics and background styles that can be unlocked, but there is not a single stitch of information as to how this is accomplished. The support page for this game does not have a contact address listed, so users can’t even ask the developer how to unlock the additional styles. This is unfortunate because I’m sure the developer spent a lot of time creating these features, but no one can figure out how to get to them.

Overall, this universal game is a typical Mahjong app except that layouts must be unlocked. The graphic quality is excellent and the gameplay is smooth. The replay value is high because you will want to try to beat the fastest timed game. It is free with in-app advertisement banners that don’t get in the way. Pick it up in the App Store today. If you figure out how to unlock the tile and background styles, post a comment below to let the rest of us in on the secret.

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