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View Your Photos In A Beautiful New Way On Your iPad With Wall Of Memories

View Your Photos In A Beautiful New Way On Your iPad With Wall Of Memories

November 2, 2011
Wall of Memories by In Between Apps icon

Wall of Memories ($1.99) by In Between Apps is fantastic new way to show off your favorite photos. Create a virtual wall personalized with your photographs, framed as art.

Wall of Memories by In Between Apps screenshot

Start by choosing a wallpaper (background) for your photo wall. There are 18 choices to start, and you can download three more from the app’s virtual store for free. The virtual store also allows you to purchase additional frames, as an in-app purchase, if you are so inclined.

Tap the “add photo” button to select the pictures you’d like to display from your photo library. Adjust the placement of the photo, the size of the frame, mat, and photo within the frame with your fingers. Add as many pictures as you like, up to 50. However, unless you want them really tiny, plan on more like a dozen or fewer photos for each wall. You can create multiple walls, up to 12.

Save or share your wall of memories to your camera roll, email, Facebook, or Twitter. When you share it, you can choose to share the entire wall, one screen of the wall (basically half) or just the photos themselves (singly or as a group).

You can also use your iPad as a digital picture frame by setting up a slideshow within this app. Choose to view each photo in its frame, with the spotlight moving from photo to photo, or view each photo full-screen. Play your music along with the slideshow, if you like.

I really don’t have any complaints about this lovely and elegant app as it is. As there is always room for improvement, I would like to see more wallpapers, preferably some more contemporary and colorful choices. It would also be nice to see a few frame options without having to pay extra for them. Some kind of optional template to help people “hang” their photos in a pleasing arrangement would also be nice. Still, if you enjoy displaying and sharing your photographs in a luxurious way, you’ll certainly get your money’s worth from Wall of Memories.

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