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Add A Twist To Your Photos With TwistCam

Add A Twist To Your Photos With TwistCam

December 28, 2011
TwistCam by icon

TwistCam ($0.99) by is an interesting new app that will give your photos a twist. The developer of Tiny Planet Photos has brought us a new app that will alter photos in surrealistic way.

TwistCam by screenshot

Take or choose a photo from your photo area. Tap the settings icon to choose the size of your twist area, the number of rings you’d like, and the amount of rotation. Drag the circle to reposition your twist area. Use the handle (which looks like a “+”) to change the size and angle of your circles. Drag the slider to adjust the number of rings. If you forget any of these tips, just tap the question mark button.

Tap “Twist” and then sit back and let the magic happen. Not thrilled with the result? Tap the undo button, adjust the settings, and give it another twist. Once you’ve created your masterpiece, tap the share icon on the bottom right. Here you have the option to Copy, Email, Save to Photo Album, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, or Twitter.

This isn’t going to be an app for everyone. TwistCam is for the folks that are looking to do something rather unusual and twisted with their photographs. I tried it on a photo of a person, but was not happy with the results. TwistCam works better on architectural photos, or at least something with strong lines and angles.

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