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Anime Themed Tower Defense Game On Sale For Over 60 Percent Off, Plus A Special Present

Anime Themed Tower Defense Game On Sale For Over 60 Percent Off, Plus A Special Present

December 17, 2011
Fantasy Defense HD by PLAYBEAN icon

Fantasy Defense HD ($0.99) by PLAYBEAN is a tower defense game with an anime twist. Defend the Hero’s Gate from oncoming monsters using well-endowed wizards and winged archers with blue hair. If you love tower defense games, this is another to add to your collection. Get it now, while it is on sale.

Fantasy Defense HD by PLAYBEAN screenshot

The goal is to kill the onslaught of skull dogs, zombies, imps, vampires, devil tigers and all manner of evil forces before they make it to the gate. As enemy monsters are killed, hero points and money are earned. These can be used to reinforce the army as the waves of baddies approach. Adding more wizards, warriors and archers will increase the chance of success.

Between each level, players can upgrade the skills of their army with the coins and hero points they have earned. As the levels progress, the enemies become faster and harder to kill, so upgrading the army is the best defense against these monsters.

There are special gems and crates that can be smashed open by nearby fighters that will increase gold and hero points. Set up an archer in a prime location and he will switch between attacking monsters and shooting open a crate of gold.

A nice feature of the game is that players can speed up time. The worst part about tower defense games is that players must wait until all waves of enemies have passed before continuing on to a new level. This can be a bit boring if there is no need for adding and repositioning soldiers. The wait time is eliminated in Fantasy Defense HD. After the fighting force is properly placed, hit the fast forward button and the waves will move past at significantly faster speeds. It does not stop the player's ability to increase the army or find other gems and crates to gather.

There are five different worlds, each with 10 levels of 20 to 25 waves of enemies. There are 24 special items that can be added to improve the performance of the heroes. There are three game modes, Normal, Infinite and Gate Breaker to add to the variety of gameplay.

The real twist of this game is its anime theme. The splash pages between levels have similarities to “Bleach,” “Ah My Goddess” and “Full Metal Alchemist” with a bit of “Gundam” thrown in for good measure.

You don’t have to be a fan of the Japanese cartoon culture to enjoy this universal game though. It is entertaining and exciting. It brings challenge and strategy to the forefront and allows players to manipulate time in order to get through levels at a fast pace. The game is regularly priced at $2.99, but is on sale until Christmas for only $0.99. Plus, tap on the Christmas tree on the opening page to receive a very special gift.

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