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Hone Your Ninja Skills With Ninja Hoodie

Hone Your Ninja Skills With Ninja Hoodie

December 7, 2011
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Ninja Hoodie ($0.99) by Ink Vial Ltd is an exciting ninja game with stylized 3D graphics and intense fast paced shuriken shooting action.

The game is made up of very simple controls, but packs an intriguing storyline as well as nonstop action. Play the game as Ninja Hoodie himself and battle through unique levels and conquer bosses along the way.

Ninja Hoodie also features a comic book style experience with detailed cutscenes between levels. Between fast paced action and ascending enemy classes, this game is sure to keep anyone on the tip of their toes for hours.

Ninja Hoodie by Ink Vial Ltd screenshot

The game starts off with a simple introduction of the controls and gameplay style. Players are then quickly tested to make sure that they understand how to aim while attacking and blocking. Once those three controls are mastered, users are ready to really start.

The game jumps into action immediately upon starting. Players can expect to see more challenging enemies within minutes, and even the first boss bottle within five minutes if they are doing well. The developers didn't lie nor exaggerate when they said that it is fast paced.

While playing the game myself, I don’t think there was a second where I wasn’t constantly attacking or defending. Players will only get a break between loading screens and cutscenes.

Ninja Hoodie also features an exclusive soundtrack for each level to keep players immersed throughout the game. Many players overlook the soundtrack, but this can be a huge factor in keeping the game interesting. The developers have done an excellent job in this department.

Ninja Hoodie is a must have game for any iOS device, no matter what type of games you enjoy. Be sure to look for this one in the App Store.

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