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Appsonite's Interview App Is Costly But Effective

Appsonite's Interview App Is Costly But Effective

December 27, 2011
Christmas is over and the new year awaits. For many, a priority for the new year is to find a new job. AVirtualInterview by Appsonite is designed to help you master the art of the job interview. It features video clips of an interviewer asking questions, as well as a sample response for each one. There is also a mentor, who advises you on the best way to approach the questions. In total, there are currently 47 questions covered.


The content is helpful and is exactly what you would expect from such an app. While a lot of the tips seem to be common sense, they could be extremely useful to those who desire a good practice and preparation tool for their interview. Watching an actual person ask you questions adds an element of realism to better prepare you. My main concern is the price tag. It is not unreasonable to pay $4.99 for such content, but there is similar content available for less. As an example, Interview Questions Pro was free at the time of writing. Unlike aVirtualInterview, it doesnt include video of actual people asking and answering questions. However, it does cover many more questions; for instance, it has over 600 flashcards to help you prepare for your interview.


There could also be some improvement in how the information in aVirtualInterview is presented. There are titles for the different questions in the index section, but not in the interview and preparation sections. There, all you'll find are forward and back arrows to move between the tips and questions. It would help to have the option to turn on labels in these sections, so you know exactly what the topic of discussion is. It would also be helpful to have a mode where you are asked questions at random, to better simulate a real interview. I also ran into the occasional dead link, such as when I clicked on the "Mentor" option in the "Role in team work" question, which crashed the app. If aVirtualInterview was free, it would be a no-brainer download for job seekers. At the cost of $4.99, it may be worth the cost for some, but not everyone. The aVirtualInterview application is available in the App Store now for $4.99.


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