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Capture Memories And Save Them To iBooks With My iStory

Capture Memories And Save Them To iBooks With My iStory

January 1, 2012
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MyiStory ($0.99) by My iStory is a photography journal app that turns your memories into slideshows or iBooks with one simple step. Create a daily photo diary to send to family and friends or to keep private.

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The desire to preserve memories in one way or another is a pastime as old as humanity. As technology improves, so do ways to collect and share memories. My iStory is a great entry in this genre. Easily add pictures and text for each day of a vacation or a visit to see the new baby. Daily, or even hourly entries can be organized by each event.

Pictures can be taken from within the app or added from your device’s camera roll. If photos were taken on a prior day, the app will read the date and store it appropriately. This allows users who are too caught up in the excitement, to remember to write an entry on a specific day, to go back later to create the memory.

Each image can have a journal entry added to it, but text can also be added without a picture alongside it. Photos can also have word bubbles placed on them and audio memories can be stored.

Once a set of images has been collected, they can be turned into a PDF document that can be saved directly to the device’s iBooks app. This document can also be emailed directly to friends and family or printed using AirPrint.

One thing to note is that the iBook feature will not work for text. A PDF document can only be created for the images. The journal entries that coincide with each picture are not visible.

Overall, this memory maker is the perfect way to capture and store the most important events in one’s life. The ability to make a PDF document that can be directly stored in iBooks makes it especially appealing. Pick it up in the App Store for only $0.99 and start off the new year with sharable memories.

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