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Doodle Jump Gets Updated - Adds New Ice Blizzard World

Doodle Jump Gets Updated - Adds New Ice Blizzard World

December 21, 2011
Doodle Jump, the original "insanely addictive" iPhone game, has just received an update. In addition to the game's nine worlds of endless, tilt-based gameplay, version 2.8 includes (from the app description):
This winter we have an AWESOME NEW ICE BLIZZARD world for you in this FREE update. Stay away from the CHILL-BREATH caves that will FREEZE you in an instant. Don't mess with the mean-penguin monsters, and whatever you do, DO NOT run into those sharp-as-knife ICICLE PLATFORMS. As if that wasn't enough, true to its name, there's an ICE BLIZZARD chilling your bones and making it hard to see as you continue Doodle's quest to continue jumping up, up, up.....
This update makes a total of 10 different worlds you can doodle jump your way through. Doodle Jump is available in the App Store for $0.99.

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