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Jailbreak Only: chpwn Brings App-Switching Ideas To Life

Jailbreak Only: chpwn Brings App-Switching Ideas To Life

December 29, 2011
Several weeks ago, we shared a popular concept video positing a simple, new way that iOS multitasking could be implemented on Apple's small-screened devices. Now, that idea's been brought to the Cydia Store. With Zephyr, hacker chpwn has given life--and due credit!--to designer Max Rudberg's original idea. After installing the tweak, users can swipe up from screen's bottom to unveil the multitasking bar and edge-swipe to switch through apps. chpwn demonstrates: I'm not a jailbreaker myself, but I might just have to dust off the ol' iPod touch and give this a go. I'm interested to see how this edge-based behavior would enhance--or disrupt--my mobile experience. When the concept first surfaced, I wrote the following:
[S]everal of Apple’s own apps–like Safari and Maps–register edge-based input as normally-tracked motion across the touchscreen. In practice, this allows users to hold the device and slide their fingers and thumbs into various input zones without being forced to lift and move their digits each and every time. Eliminating this natural behavior and replacing it with drastic system-level actions (like switching apps) would yield far too high a rate of accidental input for Apple’s refined UX tastes.
I'm wary, but I guess I'll give it a shot. Who knows? If it works well, we could one day see it in an official iOS build.

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