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Mage Gauntlet Updated With Universal Support: But Wait!

Mage Gauntlet Updated With Universal Support: But Wait!

December 14, 2011
A couple of months ago, we reviewed the awesome 16-bit RPG, Mage Gauntlet. It has finally been updated, but you may want to wait. The game update added support for the iPad — it’s universal! — and many other goodies to help you along in your quest. Unfortunately, a bug was introduced in the process of making the app universal, but have no fear! The developers have already submitted an update to fix this issue. In the meantime, go on and drool over these updates to one of the greatest iOS RPG experiences you’ll ever have (from the app description):
  • Universal support for iPad and all iOS devices!
  • Flip Screen option in the Settings menu!
  • The View Map panel in the pause menu how has indicators showing how many notes/books you’ve found in the current level, and whether all monsters have been cleared!
  • Spell changes! Silence has been merged into Time Circle to create a single all-powerful buffing spell, Sword Fury and the elemental summon spells have been improved, and the less useful Lucky and Shield spells have been removed from the random spell drops, though you can still obtain a Shield by collecting hearts or overflowing spells!
  • Several weapons have been given new, upgraded effects and updated description text. Make sure to check them out, some were completely changed.
  • Rabbit’s Foot now increases the hat drop rate by five times.
  • Ring of the Zealot now resurrects you, once, at half health with a Sword Fury buff applied to you.
  • Reviving after being defeated now grants a free spell.
  • Save file! You can export or import your save data (in save.dat) via iTunes File Sharing to copy your unlocked items and experience points to your other devices! This also allows backing up saves to your PC.
  • Many level tweaks! Additional urns added to most levels. Backtrack-blocking doors removed for most levels. Many overly long levels were shortened a bit and/or had more urns added. This should improve the pacing of Story Mode.
  • Various bugfixes, including some achievement bugs and dialog typos.
  Mage Gauntlet is available in the App Store for $2.99. UPDATE: The hotfix is here! You are now all clear to safely download the new update. [gallery]

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