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Need Help With Your Style? Try The Mobile Fashion App Pose

Looking for some style inspiration to start your day? Pose, by Gyroscope Technologies, has just been updated and can help you during an early morning fashion crisis. Pose is a social networking app for those who appreciate, enjoy or need a little help with fashion and style. You can follow some of the best fashion trendsetters in the industry and share some of your favorites as well. Pose will help you discover the best fashion from around the world. Pose is integrated with Facebook and Twitter, and will automatically locate your friends who use the app. When you first set up your Pose account, you are provided with a list of suggested followers so you can choose people who have a style you like.

If you do not have a lot of friends on Pose yet, you can still find style and inspiration by looking at popular items. You can read comments from other users and explore the feeds of various uploaded pictures.

Take part in all this fashion fun by uploading your own pictures to Pose and tagging each part of the outfit. The tags can include brands, stores and prices so your followers will know just where to find your awesome outfit and accessories. The previous version of Pose only allowed one tag for the entire outfit, so users had to write everything in a paragraph. Now, you can tag each part of the outfit, describing the details of only that item. Each picture can have several tags, which makes it easier if you want information on a particular part of the outfit.

Pose is a mobile fashion startup company, based in Los Angeles, Calif., and is gaining a following from big brands such as DKNY, Levi’s and more. It will be interesting to see if this will start a new marketing trend for these fashion houses. Whether you enjoy fashion trends, or just need a little inspiration, Pose is a great tool for your iOS device. Best of all it is free.  
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Need Help With Your Style? Try The Mobile Fashion App Pose