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Noise Master Reduces Noise In Your Photos

Noise Master Reduces Noise In Your Photos

December 20, 2011
Noise Master by Lucky Clan icon

Noise Master ($0.99) by Lucky Clan is simple universal app that does just one thing but does it quite nicely. It cleans up the noise in your photos. We’ve all gotten annoying graininess in some of our photos, particularly when using the iPhone’s front camera, the iPod touch’s camera, or the iPad’s. Now you can smooth that graininess away.

Noise Master by Lucky Clan screenshot

Noise Master could not be simpler and easier to us. Simply upload a photo from your photo library, paste one from your clipboard, or snap one within the app. You’ll be presented with a slider. Adjust it for how much noise reduction you want. The slider goes from 0 to 100; the default being 50. You may be tempted to go ahead and crank the noise reduction up to 100 on every photo, but depending on the type of photo you’re using, that may just make your photo blurry. You do lose sharpness when you take away noise.

For the pattern in these sample photos, level 100 worked fine. When I turned the camera on myself, however, any level higher than about 50 just made me look unfocused and a little weird. So, play around with the slider to get the look you want. When you’ve got your photo just right, you have the option to save it to your photo library or copy it to your clipboard. Photos are saved with full resolution.

Noise Master isn’t going to turn a horrible photo into a perfect one. But it will smooth out some of that unappealing photo noise, and even skin imperfections (wrinkles) in portraits. Used judiciously, it’s a nice little tool that will really improve some of your grainy photos.

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