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Two Days Is All You Need To Focus On

Two Days Is All You Need To Focus On

December 11, 2011
2 Days by Ngoc Luu icon

The most minimalist to-do app is sometimes the most efficient, and that’s exactly what you get with 2 Days ($0.99) by Ngoc Luu.

Personally, my life lies entirely within OmniFocus, but I will admit, sometimes OmniFocus is not the most efficient way to go about things. Especially for things I just need to focus on for today and tomorrow. Yes, personally, for me, OmniFocus works great for projects and tasks that need to be done at some point in the future, but for immediate tasks, less can actually be more.

With 2 Days, the focus lies in only two days: today and tomorrow. That’s it – simple, right? When the app is opened up, you get a blank screen (Today by default) that represents wide-ruled paper (I love this elegantly simple but effective interface). At the bottom, you will see three tabs: Today, Tomorrow, and Logbook.

2 Days by Ngoc Luu screenshot

Both the Today and Tomorrow views are the same, except for the fact that each day is different. To add a task to either one of these, just tap in the text field at the top and begin typing in your task. Once that’s complete, just tap on “Done” and the item will immediately show up in your task list for the specified day.

The basics of any to-do app are here: swipe on an item to delete it, or tap the checkbox to mark it as complete (and move it to the Logbook). Selecting an item will give you the option to edit it, set a reminder alert, or move it to the other day. The Edit button on the task list view will allow you to delete items or rearrange them to a new order (by default, they appear in the order that they are entered).

When viewing the Logbook, you will see all of your completed items. Selecting one will allow you to pick a reminder time and then recycle it, which is a great little feature.

In 2 Days, there are several settings, which are accessible from the Logbook view. Here, you will find a toggle for an icon badge, a selection of three reminder sounds (simple and quick, perfect for quick reminders), and sound effects. The best part about 2 Days is the fact that it uses iCloud sync, so that your tasks are backed up and synced with multiple devices that have 2 Days on it.

2 Days by Ngoc Luu screenshot

With 2 Days, you have the perfect combination of minimalism, simplicity, and focus. Even though Apple now has their own Reminders app (and it is pretty), but it still isn’t as simple as it should be. In fact, Apple could learn a thing or two about how a simple and efficient to-do list app should be done with this app. The only thing missing is the ability to use the app in landscape mode. Once that’s added, this app would be the only app you need for focusing on what you need to do today and tomorrow.

If you’re still searching for the perfect to-do app for immediate tasks, then give 2 Days a try. It’s a universal app for $0.99 (what a steal!), so give it a try and let us know what you think.

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