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Show Your Grocer How It's Done In The Unique Puzzle Game, Bag It!

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Bag It! ($0.99) by Hidden Variable Studios makes bagging groceries into a game. Each banana and bag of cereal has its own personality, but be careful not to crush their feelings — or crush them in general.

Bag It! by Hidden Variable Studios screenshot

In the beginning levels, you want to carefully pack the bags of groceries so that nothing gets crushed. You know how to bag groceries, right? The heavier things should be on the bottom, eggs and bread nestled safely on top. You'll start packing only one bag at a time, but eventually move up to bagging multiple bags of groceries. Sometimes you'll have a bag limit — for instance, only use three bags or less.

In the later levels, the goal changes. You eventually want to crush as many groceries as you can, or specific ones while saving others. For example, one level will instruct you to crush all of the watermelons, but save the eggs. If you accidentally crush one carton of eggs, it's over.

Sometimes you'll be timed on bagging, sometimes you won't be. Either way, you'll want to get the food bagged quickly and efficiently, without crushing anything. Your score depends on it. You'll receive a rating of one to three stars depending on how well you do, or don't do. If you don't get at least one star, you'll have to retry the level until you rank.

You get extra points for pairing up certain groceries. If you place two melons next to each other in the bag, for instance, you get extra points for having nice melons. This is how the world works, people.

The levels get harder and harder. I wasn't able to get through all of them, but it seems there are about 100 total. The game is very challenging and with all of the unique levels and goals, you'll never get bored — who knew bagging groceries could be so much fun?

The graphics are bright and colorful and the faces on the produce and dairy products never ceased to make me giggle. This game is all about fun — it's like Tetris for groceries.

Bag It! by Hidden Variable Studios screenshot

My only qualm with this game is that there is no Game Center support. However, the developers have informed me that it is coming very soon: they will launch Game Center with leaderboards in about two weeks and achievements will come in January. The achievements you could get with a game like this are bound to be exciting. So, just be patient.

Bag It! is available in the App Store as a universal app for $2.99 or iPhone only for $0.99.

Next time you're at the grocery store, push those baggers aside and show them how it's done.

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Show Your Grocer How It's Done In The Unique Puzzle Game, Bag It!

Show Your Grocer How It's Done In The Unique Puzzle Game, Bag It!