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Bonuses Aplenty Found In The Blocks Of Pyramid Breaker

Blocks of Pyramid Breaker by Fern

Blocks of Pyramid Breaker ($0.99) by Fern's Blossom puts a cool twist on the classic Arkanoid game, which was a cool twist on Breakout.

During a traditional Breakout game, you always worry about how to bounce the ball back, but not much consideration is put into the bricks. This game changes that by hiding gems and bonuses in said bricks.

Blocks of Pyramid Breaker by Fern

The bricks break after a different amount of hits. Some will just crumble and fall, but others will provide goodies. The gems come in different colors and sizes, which might sometimes be confused with the color-changing ball during the frenzy of the game. However, the bonuses are the best part.

Some of the bonuses include: a longer paddle, a floor to block the ball, paddle lasers, and multi-ball. You're not just limited to one at a time, either. It's possible to have multiple multi-balls, which becomes akin to juggling.

But the bonuses will only activate if you catch them with your paddle. This adds a new dimension to gameplay because now you have to worry about the ball and the falling bonuses.

Controlling the scarab-themed slider can be done by either sliding it with your finger, or touching the two sides. Sliding provides good control, though it's very easy for your finger to get in the way if it rides up the screen. Playing by touch eliminates any fingers blocking the view, though the control becomes much looser.

With 45 levels to play, this app will keep you busy for a while. The developers did a good job molding the Egyptian theme to the game, as well as providing authentic music.

There is no Game Center or OpenFeint support, which is a bummer, but overall it's a good game. At least give the lite version a shot if you're still not sure.

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